One of the most extensive research projects was started by the Austrian, Käthe Bachler, in the 1970s.

In her research, she investigated 3,000 apartments across 14 countries and conducted interviews with 11,000 individuals. Conclusions drawn from her findings indicated that harmful sites housed the beds or desks of 95% of the ‘problem’ children she studied. Transitioning to cancer cases, she analyzed a sample of 500; all were found to be exposed to detrimental earth radiation during their sleep. Austria saw the first publication of her research in a best-selling book in 1978, later published in Britain under the fitting title ‘Earth Radiation’.

This information comes from the article ‘What we don’t know about earth radiation’, penned by Simon Best, and features in The International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. The copyright holders: The International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine granted kind permission for reproduction. All rights reserved.

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How earth energies and man-made electromagnetic fields affect people. Terms used include: Geopathic Stress, Erdstrahlen, Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs, Electromagnetic Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog.


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