Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome

If you are looking for the best protection against Electromagnetic Pollution (Elektrosmog) or Geopathic Stress (Erdstrahlen) you have come to the right place.

With Geomack – the natural protection company – you are looking after yourself, your loved ones and your environment.

People are more aware than ever of their health. Unfortunately, there are some natural effects which can be extremely harmful to people and over which we have no control, such as Geopathic Stress (GS). Widely known as Erdstrahlen in German. Increasingly we are also surrounded by harmful man-made Electromagnetic Fields causing Electromagnetic Stress (ES). Also known as Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog.

The invisible risk to your health

Discover the natural solutions to combat harmful geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, and sick building syndrome. Learn about the latest products and scientific research from Geomack, the natural protection company.

G-OYSTER: the first pocket-sized Geomack

The conclusion of many years of research and development in miniaturising the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology ™ culminated in an amazing personal energetic protection product that can be carried right in your pocket protecting you from Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress

electromagnetic stress – product overview

The E704 – Portable Energetic Vitaliser, the E4004 – for small homes, and the E9004 – for larger homes and offices, will clear a building of distorted energies from the underground, combat electromagnetic stress, protect you from EMF influences, raise vitality and enhance occupants’ sense of harmony and well-being.

incorporated electromagnetic pollution protection

To combat ever-increasing levels of Electromagnetic Pollution, also known as Electro Stress, from mobile phone masts and other sources Geomack has launched still further improved versions of their Energetic Vitalisers.

scientific research

How earth energies and man-made electromagnetic fields affect people. Terms used include: Geopathic Stress, Erdstrahlen, Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs, Electromagnetic Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog.

money back guarantee

Every order comes with a 90 DAY money back guarantee. We are happy to say that the customer satisfaction rate is 99%

case studies – sleep better

If you have problems sleeping then you should look into Geomack Products.