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Geomack has vast and unique experience of designing and developing products to combat the effects of disturbed natural radiation (Geopathic Stress) and man-made electromagnetic pollution (Electro Stress). As a recognised leading expert in this field we work with homeopathic and other Doctors and consultants working in the well-being field.

Geomack® stands at the forefront of a better understanding of the problems associated with distorted underground energies and offers a practical, affordable, reliable and very effective solution which can and does change people’s lives. Our products are truly unique and have been designed and developed to combat the effects of naturally occurring Geopathic Stress and also man-made Electro Stress (also known as Electromagnetic Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog).

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Where does Geomack Technology come from?

Geomack’s origins go back to the mid 1980s and my Father the founder.

My brother, in his late teens, had contracted diabetes and was so weak he could not go to work. He was still living at home with the other brothers and our parents.

A local Swiss dowser and health practitioner Mr. Rudiger came to survey the family house. Earth rays (underground water streams) causing Geopathic Stress were located underneath my brother’s bed and were diagnosed to be causing the diabetes. This was quite a surprise to the whole family as we had never heard of any of this stuff.

To remedy the Geopathic Stress there was created a sophisticated wiring system around the house to dissipate the health disturbing rays around the outside of the house instead of through the house, which immediately gave relief to the occupants, especially for those who were unlucky enough to sleep in the energy-draining ‘black spots’ of Geopathic Stress. The wiring system was regularly maintained by the dowser to be at optimum efficiency at all times.

After three months the diabetes had completely disappeared by sleeping in a healthy environment and at the same time to take alternative medicine to boost his pancreas. The family doctors were totally shocked about the recovery as he had not been given any pharmaceuticals. The dowser was not shocked.

The journey for the Geomack founder, my Father, had then begun. The eyes had been opened to the power of earth energies and how one could rectify them, thus improving the well-being of untold millions of people on Earth.

Further experimenting with crystals, earth accupuncture, and copper wires continued. All proved to reduce the Geopathic effect of the water streams, but to differing degrees and they all proved temporary if not maintained at very regular intervals and parts often replaced. My Father then started to conceive of product that could be created that would give a permanent cure to Geopathically Stressed houses. These would later become the first Geomacks – a product to install in the home or workplace that totally cancelled out the harmful earth radiation (Geopathic Stress). Over the years he has visited and tested countless homes to further develop the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology that is inside every Geomack product.

He researched the importance of a good energetic environment and how this could have massive effect on people.

Over the years of manufacturing and further developing Geomack products, it became more and more apparent how Electromagnetic Pollution was effecting people’s well-being. Initially this was mainly from living near to electricity pylons and substations and later included telecommunication masts (GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, WiMAX etc.). These new environmental pollutants were such powerful factors in people’s energetic environment that people lived in that a feature within Geomack products to combat their effects became necessary.

Continuous development has progressed over the years to give a larger margin of safety in protection against Geopathic Stress and to ever increase the protection against Electro Stress, as our urban environments are being further and further filled with harmful telecommunication networks. Todays range of Geomacks are world leaders in doing just that.

scientific research

How earth energies and man-made electromagnetic fields affect people. Terms used include: Geopathic Stress, Erdstrahlen, Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs, Electromagnetic Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog.