GEOMACK, the world leader in combating geopathic stress and electro stress

We are open and shipping orders. All Geomacks are now 5G ready.

Will product strength fade?

No. Buying Geomack products is a lifetime investment and the efficiency will usually stay high.

The only exception to this is in rare cases when Geomack units have been working very hard against a lot of Geopathic Stress and/or Electro Stress, then sometimes it is beneficial to 'rest' them to restore them to full working power. There is a ‘Simple Rest' and a more efficient 'Salt Rest' procedure for each model. Since the instructions for these processes are slightly different for some models, we direct you to go to the model page of the exact Geomack model you have in mind, and download its 'User Guide pdf' or 'Installation Guide pdf' to get the correct instructions for that model.

Please click on the 'Products' at the top. Then you can click on the product page of your exact model of Geomack, where there is a downloadable pdf guide for that model.