GEOMACK, the world leader in combating geopathic stress and electro stress

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Which unit would suit my property?

Based on the footprint of the property (ground area of lowest floor):

  • 0-100 sq m / 0-1000 sq ft - 1 x E4004
  • 100-200 sq m / 1000-2000 sq ft - 1 x E9004
  • Over 200 sq m / 2000 sq ft - Use multiples of E9004, each covering up to 200 sq m / 2000 sq ft

We only look at the lowest floor of the property, as higher floors are automatically covered by the products’ protective energy field.  The only exception to this is in locations where there is a high level of Electro Stress, like very near pylons or mobile phone masts, where it might be advantageous to also have an additional unit on a higher floor of the property, where the inhabitants might sleep.