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How likely is it that my office or home has GS and ES?

Through many years of experience Geomack believe strongly that over 70 per cent of properties have distorted energies from the underground that will cause GS and will affect the inhabitants adversely. German research has revealed that out of thousands of cancer patients the vast majority slept in places where GS was present. This illustrates how the body can be compromised when an individual sleeps in areas where high concentrations of distorted earth energies are present.

Click here For more information on the German researcher Gustav Freiherr von Pohl

Click here for the following - ‘In a sample of 500 cancer cases; everyone was found to be sleeping over harmful earth radiation’, Kathe Bachler, Researcher, Austria, 1970s

Every home or office inherently has a degree of Electro Stress due to the presence of the mains wiring system and the appliances that run off it. Most of these are generating a weak electromagnetic field (EMF) with regard the effect on humans, except heating elements, DECT cordless phones and products containing a mains transformer (particularly transformers with a high current draw), which are all creating a much stronger electromagnetic field. Bigger factors contributing to ES are from sources which are external to the property, like high voltage overhead electric cables (pylons being the biggest), substations and mobile phone network masts. Whether it is a field from inside the property or from outside the property, being close to strong EMFs over a prolonged period can cause problems. Changing the proximity to these sources makes a massive difference. It is often the case that doubling your distance from the thing creating the EMF can bring the field strength experienced in that spot down to a quarter of the strength.

Click here for the following [PDF - 28K] ‘Wireless Local  Area Network and DECT phone health warning’, by Public Health Department of the Salzburger Region, Austria