Workshops are often full of pollutants from plastics, electrical/electronic emissions, car fumes and other factors that can all make you feel generally unwell over a period of time. While it is not possible for everyone to have a word with their manager to get them to buy a Geomack product, an individuals personal Geomack portable product will help take the stress out of your working day, boost your well-being and enable you to tackle the challenges you face at work every day with renewed vigour.

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How earth energies and man-made electromagnetic fields affect people. Terms used include: Geopathic Stress, Erdstrahlen, Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs, Electromagnetic Stress, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electrosmog, Elektrosmog and e-smog.

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Many years of development have concluded in the most advanced range of products to combat Geopathic & Electro Stress.

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