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Case Study - Feng Shui use of Geomack products

Feng Shui, the ancient and well-respected Chinese art of balancing the earth’s energies in harmony is now extremely popular and has become integrated with all other aspects of house design.

Energy which moves like the wind ‘Feng’ is easier to control as its flow can be directed and channelled by the placement of physical things. ‘Shui’ the energy which moves below the ground like water, is more difficult to control as it rises and dips in undulating wave like patterns. It is attracted to the surface through absorbent materials such as brick and plaster, water, electricity etc but it is also attracted to living matter. Its effects, especially in living things like humans, can mirror problems that we associate with our modern day lifestyles and the stress that it creates. This is why the term Geopathic Stress is used. Stress from the earth, which can cause many different problems. While an experienced dowser can ascertain and locate disturbances in the shui energy field, the difficulty has always been in treating it effectively in order to clear a building of its negative properties and return it to a positive balance.

This is why equipment such as the Geomack products are used. They complement and aid the Feng Shui expert’s work in the re-placing of physical objects, with the counter-action of negative energies through neutralising them.