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Case Study 10

Carol Power, Feng Shui Consultancy, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Twelve years ago, following a failed marriage, Carol moved into her present house. For years she was dogged by ill health and her relationship with her young son was poor. As she says, little did she know that she was, in fact, living in a ‘sick’ house. Following a degree and becoming a registered auricular acupuncturist, Carol still felt unwell and could not think why. She was, therefore, curious to know what her feng shui teacher would say about the house. The moment he walked through the door he told her that the house was built over an underground stream which was causing a great deal of Geopathic Stress. Ever since installing a Geomack she says the house feels lighter and there was a definite change in the overall atmosphere. Because she has lived so long in negative energy it took a couple of months for her to adjust to it being positive again, but since then she says she has not looked back.