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Case Study 02

Mayne Sundewall-Hopkins, United Kingdom

As soon as Mayne relocated to this country she felt uncomfortable in her new home and was plagued by a reoccurrence of old illnesses. Aching muscles, joint stiffness, digestive problems and allergies, all got worse. In hindsight, not surprisingly, her symptoms eased off every time she stayed away from her home. Mood swings and stress contributed to her misery and blood tests proved that she was in perfect health. Her doctor was left with no alternative but to diagnose a viral illness and possibly depression. Having been a therapist herself for over twenty years, she knew that health does not usually deteriorate in one day nor is it corrected in one day but following the installation of a Geomack unit, her less good days are getting fewer and further apart. Her husband’s health has improved, too, and she says even the dog is more lively.