GEOMACK, the world leader in combating geopathic stress and electro stress

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Case Study 01

Dr R A Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP, Verwood, Dorset, United Kingdom

After many years’ considerable experience in practising both complementary and conventional medicine, having previously been a  General Practitionser (Medical Doctor), Dr Jacobs is convinced that there is only one main obstacle to recovery from illness and that is Geopathic Stress. Over a third of his patients come in suffering from some degree of GS. He is a firm believer that GS can adversely affect the outcome of any therapy including conventional therapies and that one of the most effective ways to neutralise its effects is to install a permanent neutralising device. The Geomack machine is the most effective he has come across and he has now installed one in his own clinic as well as in the homes of so many of his patients.